What Not to Eat When Pregnant – Foods to Avoid

The moment you find out you are having a baby, your life changes forever. But, there are some changes that are more immediate, and more vital for the baby’s growth within the womb, so he can arrive in this world, whole and healthy.

Evidently, you need to supply all the nourishment he needs. But that does not mean you can eat all that you want, because, even though you are supposed to be ‘eating for two’, you only need 350–500 additional calories every day [1]. Here is a list of foods to stay away from when pregnant, so you and your baby can remain safe from any dietary hazards:

List of Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Fruits and Vegetables


Grapes Eggplant

Romaine lettuce

Raw sprouts (clover, radish, alfalfa etc)

Unpasteurized juices

Cut fruits or vegetables from farmers markets of food stores

Dairy and Poultry Products

Unpasteurized milk

Soft cheese (brie, feta, camembert) Uncooked foods containing unpasteurized milk

Blue-veined cheese (roquefort, gorgonzola, Danish blue)

Anything containing raw eggs (cookie dough, salad dressings)

Fish and Seafood

Shark King mackerel


Refrigerated/pickled fish

Raw shellfish (clams, oysters, mussels) Striped bass
Crevalle jack Marlin

Chilean sea bass


Golden snapper Locally caught fishes



Orange roughy

Bigeye tuna

Meat and Meat Products

deli meat/lunch meat

Any raw meat

Organ meat (e.g. liver)

Other Food Items You Can’t Eat


Queso Caesar dressings containing raw eggs (packaged ones should be safe)
Hotdogs Store-made salads with dressings


3 Tips for Eating Safely During Pregnancy

  1. Raw/unpasteurized milk, products made from such milk, and unpasteurized juice often have various bacteria, including Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, and coli [2]. Make sure to check the label of any milk product or juice to make sure they are pasteurized.
  2. Salads made at food stores usually have dressings containing raw eggs, and since raw eggs may be contaminated by the above-mentioned bacteria, these salads are not safe. However, you can make your own salads at home, using a homemade or even packaged dressing that does not contain raw eggs [3].
  3. Junk foods, like fries, sugary treats, and fatty foods should strictly be avoided as these are high in calories, increasing your risk of developing a number of complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and having an overweight baby [4].


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