10 Major Side Effects of Birth Control

It is obvious that our sex life starts far before than the time we decide to have a baby. Having or not having a baby is entirely your decision and you do not want to leave any of this decision to your body. This is when you make birth control means your best friend because after all, you do not want to go on giving birth to babies one after another just because you can.

Using birth control pills or any other means is not a bad thing as it provides you with freedom and choice over big decisions in your life (giving birth to a baby). But as more than often you rely on hormone-based birth control, we cannot deny their side effects which come along with large amount of benefits. May it be the birth control pills or injections, or patches or implantation serving similar purpose, there are some side effects that our body goes through while using any of them.

In order to save you from confusions and to take you near the reality of birth control, I have tried to sum up most of their side effects. It is also in your interest that after knowing about the flaws of birth control you can decide whether the abnormalities in your body are the side effects of your birth control or not.

Let’s go through the most common of the side effects of birth control on your body.

1. Spotting

While you are taking oral contraceptive pills or birth control pills, you may encounter inter-menstrual spotting time and again. This spotting happens in the middle of two of your actual periods. While spotting the bleeding amount is very less than that of your regular periods. This is very common for the ladies during the first three to six months of starting birth control.

2. Breast tenderness

Similar to the symptoms that arise during the early stages of pregnancy, your breasts show tenderness and are enlarged as you start taking birth control. Although the slight changes in breasts can be taken as normal, if you feel some extra lumps in your breasts, seek medical help immediately. Also, if you do not feel like flaunting you tender breasts, try reducing your caffeine and salt intakes while also using supportive bras.

3. Headaches

When you start using birth control, it is also common to have mild headaches as the medicines you take alter your hormonal levels. If the headache seems to bother you, you must take it to your doctor and not remain quiet about it as it also can affect your digestion and body functions.

4. Weight gain

Another dreadful side effect of taking up birth control is that your body weighing machine may be hitting higher numbers. This is something that every woman hates to experience but regular exercise, hydration and good sleep along with good diet can help you out with this one. So, you’d better check your daily routines while using birth control as you do not want to weigh more.

5. Mood swings

If being moody is not your thing, watch out for some time while you start your birth control. In the initial few months of you using birth control, you may experience some mood swings. Obviously, this is caused by the alteration in hormones in your body as birth control pills or any other means of birth control comes into play. Try de-stressing and meditating to keep yourself calm and put together at this moment. Also, for the patients of depression, it is advised that you consult your doctor about your decision on using birth control as these mood swings can effects the patients significantly.

6. Irregular periods

Due to hormonal imbalances in your body caused by birth control means, you may experience irregularity in your periods. This mainly happens during the first few months as you start birth control but if it lingers, make sure you seek some medical attention. Also, if you miss a period for a week or see some irregularities in bleeding, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor as menstruation is a sensitive matter for your well-being.

7. Nausea

Similar to that of pregnancy, you may find yourself nauseating time to time when you first start your birth control. Although this is due to the altered hormonal level in your body, it is better to see a doctor as soon as possible. If nausea becomes excessive, it can hamper your daily routine and make you unwell, so better check with your doctor while starting your birth control.

8. Decreased desire for intercourse

Some women find decreased sex drive or libido after using birth control. Although decrements in libido to some extent is normal due to hormonal changes as caused by birth control means, it is advised that you see your doctor if this condition persists and causes bitterness in your relationships.

9. Changes in vision

In some women, birth control can lead to altered vision, i.e., increased or decreased power of vision. Although not very significant, you can feel this if you are already wearing contact lenses or glasses. If you find any abnormalities in your sight, take this problem to your doctor who can help you out.

10. Vaginal discharge

Alteration in vaginal discharge is also one of the common side effects of birth control in women. There can be increase or decrease in vaginal fluid causing difference in lubrication in the vagina. If you feel dry or extra lubricated down there, seek medical attention for the problem.

As there are many other side effects of birth control which may not be as common as above mentioned, try to take these effects and problems to your doctor. Furthermore, always take counseling from your gynecologist before you decide on birth control as they can suggest you with the best option which suits you physically and mentally.

If you have a history of diseases, take this concern to your doctor and seek help as those diseases can play negative roles in your body when you take up birth control. Use your doctor’s expertise on your favor and try staying on the safe side.

Benefits of Birth Control

While there are many side effects of birth control to your body, you can also benefit a lot from it.

1. Unplanned pregnancy

Although this is pretty obvious, it is also the most important benefit served by birth control and I just could not miss to mention it. Clearly, birth control saves you from unplanned pregnancy and gives you full authority on when to get pregnant, have a baby and be a parent. Also, it lets you have fun without responsibility and unwanted fears.

2. Acne

Another great thing about birth control is this can actually help you get rid of those bothersome acne on your face and make your skin glow. It is one of the common effects of birth control that you can surely use for your benefits.

3. Menstrual cramps

Using birth control means can also help you to ease down menstrual cramps. As the altered hormones in your body help relax the muscles causing fewer spasms while you menstruate, you can feel reduced cramps.

4. Anemia

The birth control means and specially the pills are also noted for being beneficial to anemic patients. Using birth control pills help alleviate formations of blood cells in the body which directly helps reduce anemia.

5. Over bleeding during menstruation

Birth control can also help reduce over bleeding during menstruation and help you get over your period easily. As the hormonal birth control pills help you by reducing ovulation and periods, this directly affects the blood flow during menstruation. With less bleeding, you can use these four days for more fun.

6. Ovarian cancer

Different studies have shown that birth control pills can also serve you by reducing the chances of ovarian cancer in your body. A benefit you could not resist, right?

As all these benefits come with side effects as well, it’s upon you to decide which side of birth control you want to look at. If you ask me, taking your doctor’s advice on the severity of these side effects can help you with the benefits of birth control at the utmost level.

Let us know which of these side effects bothered you and what you did for the solution in the comments below!

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