Prunes or Prune Juice During Pregnancy

Prunes have often been one of the sought after remedies preferred by many women who have a tough time in dealing with their irregular bowel movements while pregnant.

Prunes During Pregnancy

Are prunes and prune juice good for pregnancy

Prunes are safe to have during pregnancy, although in moderation [1, 4]. Being an excellent source of fiber, 50 gms of prunes (5-6 pcs) contain about 3.5 gms of the 15-20 gm dietary fiber you need when pregnant[6]. Prune juice, however, contains a lesser amount of fiber than prunes since it is filtered [3]. Prunes also contain sorbitol and phenolic compounds which give it laxative properties [2, 3].

Besides fiber, prunes also make up for around 7% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, 5% of vitamin B2, 5% of vitamin B6 and 32% of vitamin K [7].

Is it good for constipation while pregnant?

Studies have pointed out that having prunes has a positive impact on managing constipation. Though more research is warranted, many women have mentioned about its effectiveness [2, 3]. Having about 2-6 prunes or drinking 3-5 ounces of prune juice may help to deal with your irregular bowel movements according to some.

If you want to make your own prune juice at home, soak 5 to 6 prunes in warm water, mix it well in a blender and season it with honey and cumin powder for taste.

How many prunes can you have?

It is recommended not to eat more than 6 prunes in a day [3], or drink more than 4 to 6 ounces of prune juice [3]. Eating too many prunes may make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you are dehydrated, which is quite common during pregnancy [3].

When not to have prunes

If you have chronic constipation, or your bowel movements doesn’t get any better after having prunes or its juice, then stop consuming it and contact your healthcare provider [3].

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