Pregnancy Glow

What is pregnancy glow

Have you ever wondered why pregnancy makes some women look beautiful and charming all of a sudden? It is not just the expectation for the arrival of the little one, but the glow of pregnancy, which can be seen in many expectant mothers where they attain a brighter complexion, and glowy hair, along with an added shine in their eyes.

Pregnancy Glow

When does the pregnancy glow start

Most women get the pregnancy glow around the first trimester, between the 7th and 11th weeks [5, 7]. However, this may vary as some reported of getting the glow as late as the 15th week, while a few may attain it within the 4th week, just after conception, sometimes even before they miss their period or realized that they were pregnant.

Besides early pregnancy, some women have also shared their experience of getting the glow in the latter phase, just before labor, with their face looking fuller and fairer.

Do all women glow when pregnant

No. A lot of factors like your skin condition, hormone secretion, as well as overall health contribute to how bright you would look throughout your nine months. Hence while some of them would have a glowy skin, others might pose a pale look.

Why do pregnant women glow

Like most other weird pregnancy symptoms, this one has the same two possible causes:

Hormonal changes: The levels of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone shoot up mostly between the 8th and 11th week [8], while the progesterone level (produced by the placenta) is also high around this time [9]. The union of both these hormones initiates the facial skin glands to secrete an increased amount of oil, resulting in a smooth, shiny skin [3].

Increased blood flow: Your body’s blood production increases by 50% on an average, so there is more blood transporting through the bloodstream, resulting in red cheeks and a brighter, fuller look [1,3].

The pregnancy glow myth: What does it mean

Yet another gender-related old wives’ tale, it is said that a clear glowing complexion with shiny hair means you are having a boy, while a rough, patchy one with acne outbreaks indicates a girl [6, 14] as a girl is believed to ‘steal away’ her mother’s beauty.

Maintaining the glowing skin in pregnancy

Sadly, for most women the beautiful glow is impermanent, going away post-delivery [1]. Those are even more unfortunate who experience skin problems like a mask of pregnancy and acne outbreaks due to the excessive oil production [1]. So, here are a few tips for everyone to ensure healthy skin during these nine months and beyond:

  • Wash your face well using a cleanser in the morning and night as well as after any hectic physical hectic [10].
  • Use a moisturizer after cleansing to keep your skin well-toned [10].
  • Try to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep, as your skin makes a higher amount of collagen at this time which in turn would result in good and tight skin [11].
  • During summer you can apply a botanical, mud, or avocado face mask for normal, dry, and oily skin respectively. A homemade mask suitable for all types of skin can be prepared by mixing oatmeal (half cup) with warm water and honey (one tablespoon) to be applied for 10 minutes to get a refreshing look [10].
  • Include a lot of leafy greens, citrus fruits, and nuts to your diet to nourish your skin well [12, 13].

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