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12 Old Wives’ Tales About Gender Prediction

Along with some confusions and notoriously notable physical changes, pregnancy brings a lot of joy to a woman and her family. While in today’s world, finding out the gender of your bundle of joy is not a big trouble, there used to be times when women needed to look for small hints to know what’s coming.

There still exist many old wives’ sayings which are basically supposed to be the tell-tale signs hinting the gender of your to-be-born child.

If you have actually decided to keep the gender of your child a secret till its birth, I’m sure you will have fun going through these old wives’ tales. Go ahead with the guessing game, I assure you, there’s always a 50% chance that you’ll be right.

1. Look at the bump!

If your baby bump is high, there is a chance that it is a girl, if its low, then it must be a boy.

2. Your heart says it all

If your heart beats more than 140 times per minute, it is a girl and if low, it’s a boy.

3. Sour or sweet?

If you crave for savory and salty food, your baby boy should be causing this as the girl baby makes you crave for something sweet all the time.

4. Mirror mirror!

You can put the blame on your baby princess if you’re suffering from skin breakouts and zits. It’s said that baby girl inside you takes your beauty causing the pimples and zits on your face.

5. Put the ring on it

Tie your ring to a string and hang it over your belly cause pulling strings can do many things even tell your baby’s gender. If the ring moves in a circle, you have yourself a baby boy and if it goes back and forth prepare a pink room.

6. Sickness

Is morning sickness still not leaving you? it may be your little princess hinting you of her presence. Baby boys don’t cause you much sickness.

7. Linea Nigra

If your Linea Nigra i.e., the dark vertical line passing through your belly extends way above your belly, you must have a baby boy. If it starts disappearing below your belly, a baby girl may be hiding in your uterus.

8. Smooth Skin

Your silky smooth skin during pregnancy may be due to a girl bun. It is believed that moms-to-be of boys have dry and rough skin during pregnancy.

9. Hair says it all

If your hair grows thick and glossy, probably your boy baby is doing the wonders. While girl baby is the reason behind dull and limp hair.

10. Check your weight

The way your body is organizing the extra pregnancy weight is also a tell-tale sign. If the weight is piled on your front portion, you have a baby boy for yourself. If you have weight piled over everywhere in your body, you can expect to meet a baby girl soon.

11. Left or right

While taking a look at your unevenly sized boobs, if you find left boob bigger, there is a girl bun in your oven and vice versa.

12. Take temperature

Your cold feet during pregnancy may be signing towards a baby boy while the warm and cozy feet tell you to expect a girl.

These gender predicting old wives’ tales surely involve fun and give you a little insight about the sex of your baby. None of these tales are scientifically proven, so chances of these being correct is 50/50.

Let us know in the comments if any of these old wives’ tales worked for you. Or, if you know a different method to guess the sex of your baby, share that with us too. 

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