10 Best Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

The odds are, you and your partner decided to have a baby but it has been months your efforts are not being paid off. You are not sure if it is the right time to seek expert’s opinions but it is getting pretty hard to wait till you get pregnant. While there may be some genetic or physical stuffs going on inside you, there are many tips which you can use in your favor.

For some women, pregnancy comes pretty easy, of course we’ve heard about the unplanned pregnancy, while for some women it takes months and even years to get pregnant. There are different factors playing roles in your pregnancy, heredity being one. But, the real reason behind this mystery is yet to be known. For now, the reality is, every woman is different and pregnancy also comes differently to different women.

When you are trying to get pregnant naturally, i.e., without using any medical help, you need to use your efforts at the right place at the right time so that you can welcome your baby in the fastest time possible. Follow these surefire ways to get pregnant fast.

1. Stop taking birth control pills beforehand

Obviously, you need to let go popping those birth control pills that you’ve been taking for so long. As you are now ready to be pregnant and welcome a new member into your family, letting go of birth control pills is the first thing you should start with.

However, it is said that if you stop taking the pills from before your decided time to get pregnant, you are more likely to get pregnant without much waiting. So, if you have decided that you want to get pregnant and will start trying from next month or in next two to three months, you should stop the intake of pills right away.

Note: It is possible that you may get pregnant at any time after you stop your pills.

2. Make sure of the time of your ovulation

If you have already decided on getting pregnant with your partner, you must have heard about the ovulation period and its significance in the whole process. Ovulation is the process of eggs forming inside of you and while an egg can survive only for 12 hours and sperms survive for more around 48 to 72 hours, it is a pretty narrow window for actual baby-making process.

So, to fit your schedule around this narrow window, you need to know about the time of your ovulation beforehand. There are many ways to find the timing of your ovulation which is pretty much dependent on the time of your period. The trick is to have sex before, during and after ovulation to make sure that you conceive faster.

3. Have fun doing the deed

This is obviously the best tip anyone can give on conceiving. Have sex, as much as you want and regularly. When you are actually trying to get pregnant, don’t only wait for ovulation and go all the way at other times of the month too. Because, the more you have sex, the more you have the chances of getting pregnant quickly.

4. Use positions to your favor

While sex position itself may not have much effect on your pregnancy, you can always get a little help of gravity. Positions like doggy style, where your hips are placed higher slightly tilting your belly can help the sperm directly attack your egg with the help of gravity and nearness to egg.

Also, make sure that you lay down for a good ten to fifteen minutes and give some time for the sperms to find their mark before you start walking or showering.

5. Cool down the sperms

It is something your partner can do for the conception. When you schedule for intercourse, make sure that there’s nothing hot going on in your partner’s genital area. To make this happen, the man should avoid using hot showers, hot tubs, putting hot laptops on the lap, riding bikes and bicycles or anything to keep your man’s genital area from warming.

Furthermore, abstaining from sex or masturbation for three to four days before your big night can also help ensure the sperm quantity to maximize the chance of conception.

6. Take a good care of your sound sleep

Sometimes, the couple can forget scheduling their good night sleep while getting extra busy at night with the hopes of getting pregnant faster. On the contrary, conception needs a full body and mind’s rest. So, don’t compromise with your sleep and have sex at the right time so that your baby finds way inside your belly faster.

7. Cut off smoking and alcohol

You already know that you need to cut off smoking and alcohol while you are pregnant so that these habits do not hamper physical and mental growth of your baby. But the twist is, you should leave these bad habits even before you get pregnant and stop them from the moment you decide to conceive. Cutting cigarettes and alcohol can help body have a better environment for conception.

There have been different studies which have proved the better chances of conceiving for the first time when you leave these bad habits and the chances are, you’ll get pregnant within the first six months of trying unlike the couple who drink and smoke.

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8. Get a healthy schedule

When you decide to get pregnant and plan for your pregnancy, you have already made a promise to make your body better for a baby to reside in. So, prepare yourself in a good way, do regular moderate exercises, drink plenty of water and keep your weight in check. Keeping BMI in between the range of 18.5 and 24.9 can be the best for conceiving.

The logic behind this is, when you have excess weight, there is a chance that you have “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome” which can result in hormonal imbalances resulting in miscarriages and affected fertility. So, better take good care of your weight and BMI so that you can get pregnant fast.

9. De-stress

Although the long wait for your pregnancy even after you are ready can be excruciatingly stressful, you need to de-stress yourself so as to make a favorable environment for conception.

Try meditating and stretching regularly which can make you feel fresh and rejuvenated to carry out the process needed for conception.

10. Take help from your doctor

If you have carried out the above mentioned tips and yet you haven’t seen good results for six months or a year, get help from your gynecologist. They might prescribe some hormonal medicines or point out some other ways for conceiving which can help you in every possible way. So, always take your problems to your doctors when you decide on making a baby.

It does not even have to be the last option as your doctor can help you with different solutions and getting their advice the first thing when you become ready can be very useful for you.

All of the above mentioned tips are there to help you get pregnant faster and all of them serve their purposes. But conceiving in natural way comes in varied way to different women which is why; you must let it run its own pace and be more patient towards the whole process.

Let us know how long did it take you to conceive your baby in the comments below!

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  1. Ankita Baipayi says:

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