Blueberries During Pregnancy

Blueberries are nutritious fruits that are often eaten raw and also serve as a popular ingredient in most packaged foods like jam, jelly, and juice. Before you give way to your blueberry cravings during pregnancy, it is essential for you to know if the fruit is beneficial for you during this time.

Blueberries During Pregnancy

Are blueberries good for pregnancy

Blueberries, being a superfood [3, 8], can be safely eaten in the first, second and third trimester [1, 4] as it has a high nutritional value since it is low in calories and fats [4] and high in vitamins and minerals [2].

One cup fresh blueberries have about 24% of your RDA of Vitamin C [6, 7], 32-36% of Vitamin K [6], and 25% of manganese [6]. It is also a good source of folate, carbohydrates, potassium, and fiber [2, 3, 4]. Besides the many health benefits of blueberries, its high fiber content makes useful to have if you are suffering from constipation, a common issue in pregnancy [4].

Blueberries can be eaten fresh, may be added to your salad, though make sure to wash them thoroughly before having them raw. You can also make fresh blueberry juice, or add them to your smoothie alongside bananas or strawberries and a dash of yogurt [4].

Are dried and frozen blueberries safe

Dried and frozen blueberries are also considered safe, though should be eaten in limited amounts since they are high in calories and sugar [5, 9].

Chances of any adverse effects of having blueberries are low unless you overeat. In case you encounter any side effects or discomfort, do not delay in talking to your doctor.

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