Deli Meat While Pregnant

Deli meat, also known as cold cuts, lunch meat or sandwich meat, is a common item both in grocery stores and food chains. However, during pregnancy, you would need to take the pros and cons of deli meat into consideration, as the risks associated with it may not be a myth.

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Mango During Pregnancy

Mangoes are highly nutritious fruits, being a good source of Vitamin C, A, B6, B9 (folate) and potassium. They are safe and can be eaten during pregnancy, although, in moderation. Some old wives tales predict that craving a mango especially during early pregnancy means you may be having a girl while dreaming of the fruit […]

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Can You Eat Chocolate While Pregnant

Who would want to part with their favorite Hershey bars! A survey even mentioned that mothers who ate chocolate every day when expecting gave birth to happier and cheerful babies. However, your habit of binging on chocolate chips, cookies or candies might have to be limited at this time, keeping in mind your baby’s wellbeing.

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