Is Benadryl Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a difficult time for every women but there are medicines at your rescue. Problems like skin itching, rashes, watery eyes and cold can appear at any moment when you have a baby inside your bump as your body starts to adapt in a new environment. Problems related to cough, cold and sleeplessness is […]

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Is It Safe To Eat Honey During Pregnancy?

Being paranoid about what to eat and what not is common among to-be mothers. Pregnant mothers remain aware about every food they take and are concerned if it is harmful to them and the baby. What about the sweet, sticky stuff that you’ve always loved and eaten? Can pregnant women eat honey? Well, honey has been […]

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Is Tylenol Safe During Pregnancy?

You have a baby inside your bump and your body is constantly changing week-in-week-out. You feel change and discomfort is what eats up you from inside and the outside. Specially during the first and the third trimester of pregnancy, you get hit by headaches frequently. There’s no sign or any warning and your head succumbs […]

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