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Pregnancy Insomnia

You may be wondering why your habit of sleeping soundly and peacefully through the night disappeared since you got pregnant. There is nothing to worry about as insomnia or trouble sleeping is a common phenomenon in pregnancy, affecting about 78% of all expectant mothers without causing harm to the unborn child [1].

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Cough Drops While Pregnant

Cough drops provide instant relief from the regular bouts of cough and cold experienced during pregnancy. As there are restrictions on taking OTCs when pregnant, more specifically in the third trimester, these lozenges would soothe your symptoms, if not cure them.

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Pregnancy Glow

What is pregnancy glow Have you ever wondered why pregnancy makes some women look beautiful and charming all of a sudden? It is not just the expectation for the arrival of the little one, but the glow of pregnancy, which can be seen in many expectant mothers where they attain a brighter complexion, and glowy hair, […]

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