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How to Sponge Bathe Your Newborn Baby

A sponge bath, two to three times a week, is highly recommended for a newborn until the umbilical cord stump dries and falls off. Giving your newborn baby a sponge bath: step-by-step  What you’ll need Cotton balls Swabs Washcloths (small and large) Brush Mild baby soap or shampoo (optional) A cup to rinse the hair (optional) […]

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7 Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies

From the moment babies are born, they instinctively start to suck and can often latch on to take milk from their mothers’ breast. That is when pacifiers come in to make things easy.It is a natural instinct that is born from the ability to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural impulse and evolutionary feat. To […]

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When Do Babies Start Laughing?

One of the most awaited moment for any new parents is to get a glance at their baby’s smile and moreover, their giggles. Although this small gesture from your baby may seem to be the most magical and emotional thing, their giggle is also a sign of your baby’s overall development. A smile and laughter […]

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12 Old Wives’ Tales About Gender Prediction

Along with some confusions and notoriously notable physical changes, pregnancy brings a lot of joy to a woman and her family. While in today’s world, finding out the gender of your bundle of joy is not a big trouble, there used to be times when women needed to look for small hints to know what’s […]

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